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From Brand identity and Web Site construction to Filming Product Presentations, Media Interviews, Live Stream events – we cover it all.

Our marketing agency works with both smaller companies ready to take full advantage of professional services when not quite ready to bring an in-house team, and larger brands that want an innovative marketing approach with live stream events, product showcasing and media boost.

Brand Identity/
Web Design


Social Media
Content Marketing



Live Stream Events | Video Production

  • Live Stream Hybrid events
  • Recording virtual events and editing
  • Green Room Filming
  • Filming brand business story and testimonials
  • Video production for social media

In the pandemic times we live now, events continue taking place through Virtual conferences and Hybrid events. And this is where we step in to help businesses and organisations film and stream these events to a platform or social media channels. In Hybrid events the speakers are live, while the audience joins online and can ask questions and run polls. We can film your speaker where ever he or she is globally! Just point to us the location. Video content today is crucial, which makes any brand visible online. We can help you with some great ideas for your video: your unique business story, interview, testimonials from your best clients. We will prepare your script, outline the most important questions to make you and your team camera ready and set your business and personal brand on a spotlight to be attractive, likable and grow your business!

Media Interviews

  • Filming an interview at INSIDE TOMORROW TV talks show (Geneva)
  • Promoting the media interview through Dukascopy TV channel and social media
  • Organizing interviews with other media houses (TV channels, magazines, other publications)

Media interviews and publications give instant credibility to any business, any brand. This is your time to reveal your story, explain what makes your products and services unique to massive audience watching online TV and social media channels. This is also a great opportunity to bring visibility for new technologies, clarify and demonstrate innovative solutions attracting venture capitals and investors.

Web Design | Brand Identity

  • Identifying your brand
  • Developing the logo that resonates with your business
  • Designing website / landing page
  • Designing CTA (call to action) squeeze pages

Web site is a business card, which every company should have. Though a web site today is no longer to be multiple pages as the span of attention of your online customers is very short. Your audience wants to see the value you are giving, your unique proposition, authenticity of your business brand. With the fast developing digital world and social media what is important is to bring the customer traffic to your web site to make it engaging with your photo and video marketing content, inviting to connect. With our latest SEO techniques we help you to optimize your web site and your posts to make your business easily searchable by any online engine to boost it on top of Google list.

Social Media Content Production

  • Animation, Graphics and Explainer Video Production
  • Managing social media feed
  • Advertising on social media

Your web site today is your business card, though all the traffic of your clients and potential customers are on the Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And our task is to help you bring this traffic of customers to you through the educating and engaging posts, by photo and video marketing, and advertisement. Our content writers team will make your posts story telling to captivate your audience. All this is necessary not only to tell your audience that you exist and expand your brand visibility, but to boost your credibility and authority and set your business brand to attract new flow of customers and grow your business.







Yelena Ganshof van der Meersch international career covers an impressive range of experience from the worlds of finance and diplomacy to marketing and media production. Siberian by origin, she has over 25 years experience living and working in the US, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland.

As a great communicator, Yelena hosts a TV talk show INSIDE TOMORROW Innovation & Technology. Her passion is to uncover brands and technologies to showcase their innovative solutions and help them gain visibility for venture capital investors.


Video Production & Photography


Project Manager


Design Manager




Trend Specialist Medical


Video Production


Video Production

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