Boost Your Brand

Grow Your Business, Get More Profits
Let's Discuss Your Project

Boost Your Brand

Grow Your Business, Get More Profits
Let's Discuss Your Project

Boost Your Brand

Grow Your Business, Get More Profits
Let's Discuss Your Project

Are you a growth-minded company interested in boosting your Image and Brand?  Promoting your Products and Services through Social Media and Video Marketing? Growing your Business to a whole new level? 

Our marketing agency works with action-taking entrepreneurs who want to do exactly that and boost their brand while taking full advantage of the professional services at their disposal.



We Offer

Web Design | Logo Development | Brand Identity

  • Identifying your brand
  • Developing the logo that resonates with your business
  • Designing website / landing page
  • Designing CTA (call to action) squeeze pages

Web site is a business card, which every company should have. Though a web site today is no longer to be multiple pages as the span of attention of your online customers is very short. Your audience wants to see the value you are giving, your unique proposition, authenticity of your business brand. With the fast developing digital world and social media what is important is to bring the customer traffic to your web site to make it engaging with your photo and video marketing content, inviting to connect. With our latest SEO techniques we help you to optimize your web site and your posts to make your business easily searchable by any online engine to boost it on top of Google list.

Social Media Content Marketing

  • Creating your blog posts
  • Managing your social media feed
  • Advertising on social media
  • Bring more traffic and new clients to your business

Your web site today is your business card, though all the traffic of your clients and potential customers are on the Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And our task is to help you bring this traffic of customers to you through the educating and engaging posts, by photo and video marketing, and advertisement. Our content writers team will make your posts story telling to captivate your audience. All this is necessary not only to tell your audience that you exist and expand your brand visibility, but to boost your credibility and authority and set your business brand to attract new flow of customers and grow your business.

Video Marketing

  • Filming your unique business story
  • Filming and editing video testimonials
  • Optimizing the footage (SEO)
  • Branding and optimizing your YouTube Channel

Video content is becoming crucial. According to the latest IT forecast, video traffic will grow “fourfold” by 2021, meaning 82% of content will be video. Video is authentic, real and interactive. We can help you with some great ideas for your video: your unique business story, interview, testimonials from your best clients. We will prepare your script, outline the most important questions and points to make your and your team camera ready and set your business and personal brand on a spotlight to be attractive, likable and grow your business!

Image and Personal Branding

  • Building consistent profiles online
  • Dressing up to make you look the part, act the part, present the part

Whether you offer products or services, seek investments into your projects, present your ideas at 1-1 meetings or speak to big audiences, you always make a First Impression. Your Image is important not only live but over the fast developing digital world! Would you like your Image and professional Profile stand out from the noise of the crowd? We can groom your LinkedIn and Social Media Profiles to help you connect with the right people and the right people connect with you.

Websites Portfolio

Vox Institute

voice assessment and speech improvement institute

Institut de Beauté

beauty & spa boutique


community eduction platform

Swiss Industrial Consulting and Technology SA

innovative engineering solutions


cyber-psychological technology application

Invest Precon

real estate development broker

About the Founder

Yelena, as a Personal Branding and Marketing Expert, helps executives and business owners polish their Business Brand and Image to boost credibility and authority for professional success. She pays special attention to the art of speaking, presentation and being camera ready, which is essential in the fast paced digital world.
Yelena’s international career covers an impressive range of experience from the worlds of finance and diplomacy to retail and fashion. Siberian by origin, she has over 20 years’ experience living and working in the USA, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland. Yelena has a degree in International Economic Relations from Russia and a Master’s degree in Economics from the US. 

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